Online money making programs, which one works for you?

amobee1Talking about the reason behind why you start blogging, one can’t denied the money factor in persuading you to do so. Well, there are many ways doing it. The same thing that works for someone doesn’t mean works for you too.

I’ve tried number of programs (although not as much as Titan), and awarded quite decent income from it initially. But as usual, the good day never lasted long. There you have to start from scratch and start experimenting the new program from the beginning

And keep in mind that some of this programs does not endorsed by search engines (you know which one).

It is better if you know what works and not for you, so you’re not dupe your effort on wasteful stuff.  So this is mine. What’s yours??

Works for me – Consistently earning from it.

  • Adsense
  • Kontera-Amobee
  • Text-link-ads
  • Private ads

So-so – Earning not too encouraging, but still continue using it

  • Chitika
  • Nuffnang

Low – Earns something, but stopped before reached min amount eligible for payment.

  • Project Wonderful
  • Pay Per Play, NetAudioAds Group

Failed – Fails to earn even single cents (for few more that I missed)

  • WidgetBuck

KIV – plan to using it somewhere later(maybe)

  • Advertlets
  • Bidvertisers
  • Shared Review
  • Izea

Looks, not all program suit with everyone including me. If you ask me now what is best ads program for you or your niche, I’ll tell you to experiment it by yourself. No one know it for real.

It is common perception that, after installing ads script on your blog, money will start flowing in according to the number of the visitors who will click the ads. You’re wrong my friend. There are more than the visitors factor that can influence your earning.

Beside, it is imperative for you to move along with the changes on the ads program policies. I for once lost hundreds of dollars a month when my highest earning sites lost its pagerank and was de-indexed from Google.

Until now, I never know what is going on although I pretty sure I have comply to all Adsense policies. That is old story, but serve as a reminder to me until now.

Why you need to review the money making programs that you join last year?? It is none other than to assess if it is worth your effort.

And by reviewing what is not working for you last year, you can have rough ideas what you should do and what you’re looking at this year. And what’s works best for you last year, keep doing it and make it better.  The improvement process shouldn’t be stopped once you start feeling comfortable.

Seriously, earning money online is not an easy task. But the doors are open wide to everyone who has will to strive for success.