Welcome to Twestival.FM

Welcome to the Twestival.FM website. We are a non-profit, volunteer-staffed community advocacy organization based in NC.

Our organization was founded several years ago in response to the cyclical rise and fall of various groups who formed in one year or another to address school reassignment concerns. Our purpose was to provide a united year-over-year context to the call for school assignment reform, without pitting neighborhoods or communities against the interest of each other.

Rapid and expansive growth has accelerated the consequences of a process void of any published multi-year strategy. This is unacceptable and contributes greatly to instability and the negative consequences associated with school assignment.

The best assignment plan can only be achieved by providing the community and municipality leaders a multi-year school assignment draft. This can then be studied and responded to well ahead of the school year when it will be implemented. This is an operational efficiency that must be realized and should be mandated by board policy.

Balancing issues of rapid growth, student assignment stability and classroom diversity are difficult propositions. We believe the shortfall in addressing these issues rises from bad process, not bad people.

We are committed to continuing our dialog with the Board of Education, elected officials, advocacy groups and the community. We understand and embrace diversity of opinion and believe it provides a forum where each can learn from the perspective and concerns of others.

We welcome your support, your critique, and you contribution. You make the difference.


The objectives  are:

  1. Expand the use of parental choice and community collaboration in school assignment policies.
  2. Advocate for the establishment of board policy to mandate the publishing of a multi-year school assignment plan.
  3. Provide an arena for community collaboration on improving school assignment policy to foster stability and equity for every student.
  4. Provide a consultative resource to the WGFR board and administration, municipality and community leadership.
  5. Research and publish data, templates or models to enable assignment policy, process and methodology improvement


Unity.  Our organization seeks to unite parents & guardians throughout Wake County who support reform of school assignment policy and process. Twestival hopes to move beyond the current short-cycle and tactical approach to reassignment that inherently pits one neighbor against another. A strategic and collaborative approach will ensure the optimal assignment countywide. This must be accomplished in an effort that benefits all children, and we will not promote ideas the benefit some but penalize others.

Code of Conduct.  We will conduct ourselves responsibly at all times. We will not advocate any ideas that benefit one group over another. When talking with representatives of the media, we will present our ideas in a positive light. We will refrain from using argumentative tones. Racial, ethnic, and/or socioeconomic bias will not be tolerated.

Information.  We believe that information is the key to any reform. We believe that all of our positions and ideas should be backed up with factual data or expert opinion. We will refrain from making blanket accusations that have no basis in fact. We will refrain from making anecdotal references. We will promote and publicize all research and expert opinions that support our cause.

School Choice.  We believe that school choice should be provided, and WCPSS should supply alternatives as to not lock families in to undesired assignment. Choice is more than just enrollment, choice also means collaboration and voice in determining school assignment practices and policies.

Magnet School Lottery. We believe that the magnet school and year-round programs should be available to all students via a lottery that is truly random, objective and administered by an outside concern.

Geographically Close Schools.  We believe that parents should be able to choose a school that is geographically close to their home. A geographically close school is not necessarily a neighborhood school. There can exist more than one geographically close school for any one neighborhood. The term “geographically close” is not defined in terms of distance, but is relative to the number and location of schools in any one particular area.

Stability.  We believe that stability plays a prominent role in the successful education of all children. We believe that all students develop a familiarity with their schools, teachers, and classmates, that can only help their achievement. We believe that reassignment should only be used in the opening of a new school.

Diversity through Choice.  We believe in school diversity, but we do not think that diversity should be mandated. Diversity can be achieved through school choice. We believe that low performing schools, given the proper resources, can improve their performance, making them more attractive to parents, thereby increasing diversity.

Economic Integration.  Twestival does recognize the need for balance when establishing an enrollment population for any school. A smart approach to assignment should try to avoid enrolling a disproportionate number of high needs kids in any one school, if it can be reasonably accommodated in logical assignment patterns.

At-Risk Schools.  We believe that at-risk schools can succeed:

  • by significantly reducing the student/teacher ratio;
  • by increasing compensation for teachers in at-risk schools;
  • through a focused effort to increase parental participation.

Busing.  We believe that the amount of time that our children spend on the school bus should be kept to an absolute minimum. Extended bus rides force children to lose valuable time that could otherwise be spent in activities with family and friends. Extended bus rides force children to leave home earlier, arrive home later, and can even interfere with the ability to get sufficient sleep. We believe that no child should be forced to spend extended time on buses, when closer alternatives exist.